Anvil Saga Demo: A Smith Simulator RPG

Anvil Saga is a smith simulator RPG to be released in 2021. Let's take a look at its demo that was available for some time on Steam.

An indie developer Pirozhok Studio plans to release Anvil Saga in 2021. In the meantime, we managed to play the free demo, which was available for some time. Since we got acquainted with the gameplay features and the style of Anvil Saga, let’s talk about it.

Anvil Saga intro screen
Welcome to Anvil Saga Demo!


Pirozhok Studio’s previous game is a pixel graphics city builder/management sim Life is Hard with mixed reviews on Steam. Anvil Saga, on the other hand, is a smith simulator with some RPG and management elements. You play as a smith who tries to revive his father’s business. There are several factions to manage reputation with, and the demo promises that your decisions will have an impact on the way the story unfolds.

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Anvil Saga day screen
A simple smith living in a simple house. Don’t worry, you can expand it

A narrator leads you through the gameplay, explaining the key mechanics and features. As a business management sim, Anvil Saga will involve smelting and smithing, along with mining. You will expand your house, adding more rooms and opening up the opportunity to hire more workers. Each worker will have stats and even traits, which they can develop as they perform more actions.

Anvil Saga night
Manage your character, take orders, expand your house and team to become the best smith ever

The Demo

It is unfortunate that the demo is unavailable now; it could give you an idea about Anvil Saga and what it was going to be like. The music had a medieval feel to it, which fits the themes of the game. The pixel graphics were quite charming. The controls were simple (mostly point and click), and some plot was uncovered already in the demo, with a budding romance planned. Overall, it was a nice experience, and we are looking forward to the game’s release so that we can enjoy it fully.

Introduction to Anvil Saga
A helpful narrator directs you through the demo


Anvil Saga is a smithy management sim with RPG elements. You will grow your business and make a team of workers who can also level up their stats. The demo helped us get a feel of the game’s personality and style while offering a tutorial on how to grow the main character’s smithing business. The game will be available soon, with the release date set for 2021.

Our Rating

8 / 10



8 / 10



8 / 10