Hello Neighbor 2 Releases Today along with Sweet DLC

Hello Neighbor 2 puts your detective skills to the test as you uncover the mysteries surrounding Raven Brooks!

In contrast with what we reported prior, it looks like Eerie Quest and tinyBuild are launching much more than a demo this time around. We’re getting a full release for Hello Neighbor 2, and it comes with some nice DLC to boot. 

Hello Neighbor 2 Video Game

The series’ second installment takes gamers back to the town of Raven Brooks to investigate and expose a mysteriously creepy and unsettling neighbor. The additional DLC offers a bit more tension and suspense–as if the neighbor wasn’t enough to handle.

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The Late Fees DLC takes players on an alternate route, one that leads to the Raven Brooks Library. The target is the Librarian who seems to have a bizarre fixation and protectiveness towards the restricted section. Sure, it’s restricted as it is, but it’s what lies beyond that piques our interest.

Hello Neighbor 2 Video Game

Back to School ironically involves an abandoned schoolhouse where classes have long ended. What’s alarming is the mystery behind disappearing children. With the cranky old caretaker and watchdogs being the prime suspects, it’s Time to return get back in the classroom and brush up on our deductive skills.

Players will also receive the Hello-copter, a remote-controlled flying drone equipped with a camera and grappling hook. It’s the perfect item for anyone looking to uncover the secrets of any strange town–and Raven Brooks is beyond strange.

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Hello Neighbor 2 comes out today, December 6, on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5, and PC via Steam.