Len’s Island is an upcoming Indie Action-Adventure game made by Flow Studio.

Get Ready to Build, Fight, Farm & Explore in Len’s Island

A successful Kickstarter back in 2020 Len’s Island Is a game that promises to give you all the excitement of searching the darkest dungeons yet combined with the relaxed atmosphere of a farming SIM.

Finally the pumpkin patch simulator I always wanted
Finally the pumpkin patch simulator I always wanted!

Players arrive in a new town on a mysterious island with just the tools in their backpack and the will to get things done. Players will be able to build their own home using the games unique modular building system and while away their days tending to crops which they can sell to the local villages for gold. You can even scale up your farming interests to cover the forest or just keep it on the small side. However, if that all seems a bit tame you can head out to explore dungeons, go on mighty quests or simply help out the local townsfolk with errands.

Len's Island
Sleepy village life

So far, the game is looking great with a rich landscape of forests to delve into and plenty to discover. The animations have a quality feel to them, and you can clearly see the actions you undertake like felling trees and mining rocks.

The game makes some big promises on action and in the trailers, we can see the character taking on shadowy beasts whilst searching the local dungeons. The developers also state that we can expect a wide range of combat styles and weapon combinations.

I've got a bad feeling about this
I’ve got a bad feeling about this!

So, can Australian developers Flow Studio pull off a full on dungeon crawler and a competent sim? Only time will tell but it sure does look pretty so far!

Len’s Island releases on Steam Early Access for PC and Mac 5th of November.

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