Cute Bite Review: Serve Your Vampire Mistress

Another small life simulator from Hanako Games, Cute Bite! Play as a Butler and help your Vampire Mistress regain her power.

Cute Bite is a recently released game by Hanako Games. With its simple plot and some replayability, it is a cute (but also a little creepy) Princess Maker-like simulator with a surprising number of things to do. It has a unique style, and plays around a lot with the theme of vampirism. Let’s take a closer look at the main features of Cute Bite.

The stats screen in Cute Bite
Princess Maker meets Twilight (not really)


The game starts with a vampire lord mysteriously dying in an accident. That leaves his butler without the supply of immortal blood that would keep her alive and young forever. She decides to awaken the lord’s daughter who was punished for a mysterious reason and put to eternal sleep in a crypt.

Upon her awakening, it turns out that the vampire lady has amnesia. More than that, she has reverted to the body of a young girl. The butler’s goal is now to help her vampire mistress restore her strength and get her adult body back so that her blood is strong enough to sustain a blood bond with the butler.

And so, you as a player are left with a screen with stats and the means of raising those stats. You have one year to help the two ladies or fail them. Have fun!

Class screen in Cute Bite
Here are the classes your princess… I mean, vampire lady can attend


The gameplay is not difficult at all, but it is surprisingly diverse for what is essentially a visual novel with stat checks. A lot of things affect the vampire lady’s stats, starting with classes and jobs and ending with biting random things on the street. You are supposed to strategise and make decisions depending on what outcome you want. You will also need to manage the vampire lady’s health and energy, making sure that she can perform the activities well enough to earn money and stat increases.

A choice screen in Cute Bite
Choices in Cute Bite affect stats, romance options, and endings

Classes and jobs are going to be the main source of stat growth, and you will unlock new jobs as the vampire lady becomes qualified for them. Initially, you have only six jobs, and you have to do some classes to unlock other ones. Jobs provide money and can cost some stats while increasing others; also, if you fail at a job, you do not get paid. Both classes and jobs can help you increase the vampire lady’s Mind and Body energy as long as they are focused on Endurance and Temperance. Overall, Cute Bite looks very much like the Princess Maker games with a vampire twist.

Some of the jobs in Cute Bite
You need to qualify for different jobs to unlock them

In addition to jobs and classes, you unlock a lot of weekend activities. On weekends you can go hunting, which will take you to a battle screen. You will have a few options in overpowering your opponent (from brutal strength to subterfuge), but they have stats too, and if you are not skilled enough, you lose some health. It is very possible to lose a battle, especially as the most powerful opponent in the game is unlocked. In most cases, that means losing a week to recovery, but losing against a vampire hunter means a bad end.

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The battle screen in Cute Bite
You can drink blood of random women to replenish your strength

During weekends, you can also attend balls for some minor health boost and stat increase. Or you can go watch a movie, or play some arcades. You can also practice alchemy to distill and sell your skills (very handy for getting the ending you need). You can even break into homes to steal things! There are a lot of activities to unlock in the game, and a lot of choices to make as you decide the fate of the vampire lady and her butler.

The ball screen in Cute Bite
Or you could go to a ball and subtly bite a few hands offered to you for a kiss


Indeed, there are a lot of things to unlock in the game. That includes multiple endings, several romance options, including a harem one, and, of course, the mysterious past of the vampire lady and her butler. The game is very small, and every run will take you less than an hour, but it is worth playing a couple times to unlock all the options, learn the secrets of the vampires, and maybe get the endings you are curious about.

Getting the endings is easy; depending on the vampire lady’s highest stats and some of your decisions in the game, her actions, character, and profession will be determined. Hanako Games offer a small checklist for you to see what to do in the game in case you are lost.

A good end in Cute Bite
Vampire lady is back to her body and very grateful to her loyal butler


Cute Bite is not challenging, but it is fun. For a such small game, it offers a lot of options on how to raise your vampire mistress. The fans of Princess Maker are very likely to enjoy this game, but it is not a clone. With its own little plot, the theme of vampirism, and a style that combines cute and creepy, Cute Bite is its own game with a unique personality.

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9 / 10



9 / 10



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