A Bad Game Of Football Video Game

A Bad Game of Football has More Explosions than a Michael Bay Movie

Independent developers Studio Gauntlet just announced their second official title, A Bad Game of Football. The game combines the intricacies of classic Real Time Strategy (RTS) controls with cartoonish football mechanics.

The game allows players to take charge of a team, and direct them accordingly. By “accordingly” I mean just about anything–detrimental or otherwise. Make astute decisions or bad choices, like simply directing them to kick the ball, violently tackle the referee, or use actual landmines. Yes, landmines. Time to blow it up like Beckham.

A Bad Game Of Football Video Game

In 1v1 matches, players can partake in actual brawls to crown the best player–or fighter of the game. This offers the most realistic, unrealistic experience one could have when it comes to association football. Or, it could be a dream come true..

It’s not all fun and games as there is also an element of resource management. You’ll need to plan ahead accordingly as a manager and make sure your players are all in fighting form. Emphasis on the ‘fighting.’

The game supports competitive cups for up to 16 teams, plus a spectator mode for a good time with friends. Trainers will be readily available to help your players master their skills; both on the pitch, and in the ditch. There’s a variety of arenas to choose from, all of which range from the usual to the downright insane. There’s much to explore, and signing up as manager is the first step to the fun, unbridled craziness that this game has to offer.

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A Bad Game of Football is releasing in Steam Early Access in late September 2022. A public beta test will be available from Monday 29th August to Friday 2nd September.