Dreamy Rhythm Game Melatonin is Launching on Steam this December

Match harmonies during your dreams in Melatonin, a new rhythm indie game with gorgeous visuals, a curious storyline, and a level editor coming to Steam in December.

Make music in a sweet, pastel-toned dreamland in Melatonin, a gorgeous-looking rhythm indie game coming to Steam on December 15th. 

In Melatonin, dreams and reality merge. You’ll play along fuzzy musical levels across both: whether that’s blasting aliens in a video game, swiping your card at the supermarket, or chasing winged burgers through the sky. I was personally drawn by the hand-drawn art and crunchy, sweet music, plus its gorgeous lilac hues. 

As you work across its 20 trippy levels, you’ll learn more about the main character’s life, piecing together their story from your nightly dream delvings. With a super clean user interface, Melatonin looks to be an immersive rhythm game with an emphasis on visual flair and soothing beats.

Melatonin Video Game

“You can learn a lot about someone from knowing what they dream about at night,” says David Huynh, the Vancouver-based solo developer behind Half Asleep. “Melatonin explores that concept and uses music to help convey the feelings of the main character to the player.”

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As well as drifting through the storyline, Melatonin also promises an “easy-to-use” level editor, which sounds utterly delightful, and a range of challenge modes for the hardcore rhythm gamers among us.

A Nintendo Switch version of Melatonin is also landing at some point in the future. Meanwhile, developer Half Asleep is also working on the colorful-looking Block Party.