Affogato is Bringing Cafes, Cards, and a lot of Cultures

RPG and "reversed tower defence" components are combined in Affogato. You take on the role of the titular Affogato, a sorceress in charge of a cafe in a brand-new city.

Independent game publisher Spiral Up Games is partnering up with indie developer Befun Studio for their inaugural title, Affogato, The new  coffee shop management and card battler will see players assuming the role of the eponymous Affogato, a young sorceress who stumbles upon a cafe in Arorua–and ends up finding gainful employment.

What follows is a cafe-managing, magic deck building, card-battling adventure in an anime universe that combines 3D environments with 2D characters. There’s a cavalcade of customers, all with different stories to tell and minds to read. The whole “theater of the mind” concept takes on a whole new level as most of the battles will, indeed, take place in the subconscious.

Affogato game

What we get is a reversed tower defense combat that allows players to step into the mind of more shady customers in a Persona-esque fashion, and deal punishment with, as they say, the heart of the cards. This essentially combines various card-game mechanics, forcing you to choose the best cards for each stage, evaluate their cost, choose which route to take, and which skills and items to use.

With bright colors, an assortment of NPCs, and a lovely cafe manager feature that just screams “slice of life”, there’s much to look forward to when this game finally drops.

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Affogato is scheduled to launch in 2023, and a demo of the game will be available on Steam from the 29th of July.