Mechanibot Video Game

Auto-Battling to Restart the Sun with Mechanibot

Developer Jon Nielsen brings us a tactical rogue-lite auto battler where you play as a small robot Tasked with the arduous task of repairing the dying sun. Mechanibot allows players to build and upgrade a team of robots to survive against waves upon waves of enemies. You’ll have to think strategically and react quickly to protect your team and save the solar system.

Mechanibot Video Game

This fast-paced auto battler gives players the freedom to choose the best way to build their team, and how to best use that team during combat. While an auto battler, you are still an active participant through each skirmish. Participate well, for the survival of your robots depends on it.

Each robot has an array of different abilities and classes that synergize with each other in unique ways. Forge set bonuses, level up your robots, and find items and upgrades to round out your perfect build.

Mechanibot Video Game

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The plan is simple and straightforward–battle your way across the solar system, and reignite the sun. Let the story unfold as you complete your journey, and in essence, reject your programming.

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Mechanibot is now available on PC via Steam and