Bend Time to your will in FPS Psychological Thriller TAPE!

BlackChiliGoat Studio has announced today that their new first-person psychological thriller TAPE is now available! An official description reads; ‘Tape is a first-person psychological thriller set in the north of Spain in the 1990s where players will be able to use time to their advantage. Thanks to an old Super8 camera, Iria, the main character will be able to play with time to solve puzzles and try to remember the past events that led to her dad’s disappearance, an acclaimed horror movie director.

The game will challenge players to use the rewind mechanic to solve puzzles, escape the nightmares that inhabit Iria’s memories while exploring an eerie location heavily influenced by her dad’s work in the past.’

The game also pays tribute to classic horror and thriller movies and TV through the storytelling and environments you find yourself in during the game’s runtime. These references include things like Twin Peaks, The Shining and Rosemary’s Baby. You’ll use your time-bending powers to unveil Iria’s memories and put them together to solve the mystery of the disappearance of your father. 

TAPE is available now on Steam and PlayStation for $19,99 / €19,99 with a 20% discount during its release week (on PlayStation it will only be available for PS Plus subscribers).

Every single copy of this physical release will include;

  • Physical Copy of the PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5 game
  • Poem notebook inner coversheet
  • 2″ Character Standees – Clipboard set of all 4 Characters
  • Full Soundtrack Download Code – Printed on Floppy Disk-Shaped Sheet
  • Vinyl Sticker Sheet –  Set of 17 Stickers
  • Doki Doki Literature Club Membership Card
  • A Special Poem Written By Monika

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