Blacksmith Simulator ‘Anvil Saga’ gets an Early Access Release!

HeroCraft PC has this week announced that Anvil Saga, the ‘historically accurate-ish’ blacksmith simulator will be entering early access on Steam as of the 21st! Taking place during the Hundred Years’ War, this management sim/RPG hybrid looks to take you on quite a journey. HeroCraft have previously been responsible for games like King of Dragon Pass and Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf. Their previous games have a heavy focus on role-playing, action and strategy, so this looks to be a bit of a shift from form, and we can’t wait to see what comes of it.

Anvil Saga Early Access

Your goal in the game is to turn an ramshackle store into a successful enterprise in a challenging and changing world where all of your decisions impact the story and the gameplay. According to an official game description; ‘You’ll need to deal with all manner of customers, from French and English soldiers to local bandits, manage workers, improve your establishment and tools, decorate the smithy, and more.’ 

During it’s early access period you’ll be tasked with completing orders for the various characters you’ll meet throughout the game, and whilst you’re doing it you have to combat your rival blacksmith in a contest, and on top of it all, win the heart of the one you love. As you build your thriving wartime empire you can take a break and play some of the sandbox mode that gives you free reign to explore.

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Anvil Saga is in early access now on Steam for £11.99, and for one week only you can pick it up for a limited-time price of £10.79.

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