Children of Silentown Demo: A Beautiful and Scary Point-and-Click Adventure

Children of Silentown: Prologue gives you a glimpse of the art, style, and gameplay of the upcoming indie game by two developers: Elf Games and Luna2 Studio.

Elf Games and Luna2 Studio’s upcoming point-and-click horror adventure Children of Silentown‘s is coming to Steam soon! This indie game has a unique art style and beautiful design that help bring its puzzles to life as you solve them.

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Wondering whether it’s worth a wishlist? Consider playing Children of Silentown: Prologue  a short, vertical slice taken from the game that serves as both a demo and a narrative introduction to the horrors and puzzles of the full game.

Children of Silentown's Review Indie Game Fans Review

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The Developers

Children of Silentown is developed by indie studios Elf Games and Luna2 Studio.

You might know the Italian indie game developer Elf Games from their first game Little Briar Rose. Its reviews on Steam praise the unique and gorgeous style and art, and the puzzles receive their share of praise as well.

Just like Children of Silentown, Little Briar Rose is a point-and-click adventure, taking inspiration from classic German fairy tale; Sleeping Beauty.

Luna2 Studio does not have any other games on Steam; looks like Children of Silentown is their first large project.

Elf Games say that they want to craft atmospheric tales, and their games seem to often explore the themes of childhood and childhood stories. Children of Silentown clearly continues that trend.

Children of Silentown's Review Indie Game Fans Review
Children of Silentown’s diary

Children of Silentown: Story and Gameplay

In Children of Silentown, you play as Lucy, one of the children from a village that seems to be plagued by unspeakable horrors.

The Prologue shows an average day in the life of Lucy. She plays with her friends, helps her mother cook, and everything seems sweet and innocent. Except the girl has horrific nightmares and hears growls from the forest surrounding the village. Also, she knows very well that staying outside the house at night is forbidden.

Children of Silentown's Review Indie Game Fans Review
Children of Silentown’s cutscenes tell you a story of the village

The gameplay is mostly about solving puzzles through a point-and-click method. You can also talk to the few people you see in the Prologue and play with your cat a little bit.

The Prologue is short, and you will not be able to explore and play around with the puzzles a lot. However, it definitely gives you a taste of what is to come when Children of Silentown is released.

Right now, the demo also contains some minigames that show more puzzles and demonstrate the way the mechanic of songs will be used. Lucy likes music, and she collects sounds, which she can then use to sing songs and solve puzzles.

It is a curious decision that fits into the game’s style and helps us learn a little more about Lucy.

Children of Silentown's Review Indie Game Fans Review
Children of Silentown’s nightmares are even more bleak than the reality


The game’s style, including art and soundtrack, is going to be a major attraction for many interested in wishlisting Children of Silentown. The art is both gorgeous and sinister. Even the children, with their vacant eyes, seem a little creepy.

The sound design is similarly eerie and scary at times, but it also is there to mark the parts of the story when Lucy is safe with calmer, softer melodies. The design of the Prologue is delightful to experience.

Children of Silentown's Review Indie Game Fans Review
Children of Silentown’s art is unique and fits the horror theme very well

Who Is the Game for?

As a horror point-and-click adventure, Children of Silentown is most suitable for those who like puzzles, suspense, and an occasional jump-scare.

The Prologue is also a great opportunity to sample the art and sound design of the game to see if you can enjoy them.

Elf Games and Luna2 Studio made a great decision to offer the Prologue for freeThe date of the release of the main game is to be confirmed. 

Children of Silentown's Review Indie Game Fans Review
Collect items in Silentown


The demo of Children of Silentown is an exceptionally enjoyable short experience for the fans of horror. Those who appreciate unique creepy art and enjoy the sound design of the game will also be satisfied.

The demo does not offer a lot of puzzles, but it shows what the main game is going to be like. If you are not sure that you want to wishlist Children of Silentown, Prologue will help you make a decision. You can also leave some feedback and help the developers! 

Access the demo through the link below.