Gamescom Asia: Jibaku World Wide Wipe!

Gamescom Asia news. The indie game developer Lentera Nusantara is creating Jibaku World Wide Wipe, which is all about cooperation.

Lentera Nusantara, an Indonesian game developer, had three games featured on Gamescom Asia. We have talked about Ghost Parade and 101 Forgotten. Now, we can talk about Jibaku World Wide Wipe!

Lentera Studios

Lentera Nusantara means “the Lantern of Archipelago.” This indie game developer focuses on showing the unique beauty of Indonesian heritage through their work. They mostly develop intellectual properties like games and art, which are inspired by Indonesian culture. And Jibaku World Wide Wipe is no different.

Jibaku World Wide Wipe
Jibaku World Wide Wipe

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Jibaku World Wide Wipe: Concept and Gameplay

As Lentera Nusantara explain, the concept of Jibaku is an important one in Indonesian culture. It means “working together for the greater good.” Which, honestly, is a great concept for a cleaning co-op.

Indeed, Jibaku World Wide Wipe appears to be a co-op game, in which you clean things. On Gamescom Asia, we got a glimpse into the Jibaku gameplay. In it, several characters work together to make an office cleaner.

Jibaku World Wide Wipe gameplay
Jibaku World Wide Wipe gameplay

You can learn more from the Jibaku Instagram and Facebook posts. Note, though, that they are not in English. The posts have a lot of updates, comics, and memes, and they cover different projects of Lentera Nusantara, including Ghost Parade.

Lentera Nusantara calls for its fans to join their forces. Their goal is to promote an attitude of solidarity, friendship, and cooperation. And the gameplay of Jibaku World Wide Wipe is supposed to advance that goal.


Jibaku World Wide Wipe is another project by the Indonesian indie game developer Lentera Nusantara. From an early demonstration of the gameplay on Gamescom Asia, it looks like a cleaning co-op. That fits well with the concept of Jibaku, which is all about working together for a greater good.

Lentera Nusantara hope to encourage solidarity and teamwork through their new project, which is inspired by and celebrates Indonesian culture.