Die of Dysentery and Fire in the Remake of Iconic Adventure Game, The Oregon Trail

A modern remake of the vicious 1970s adventure game The Oregon Trail has landed on Nintendo Switch and PC.

Iconic die-on-the-frontiers simulator The Oregon Trail has a new official successor and release on Steam and Nintendo Switch. The modern take on the iconic game also includes aspects of the Native American experience, unlike other franchise entries.

An adventure game steeped in survival and strategy mechanics, The Oregon Trail simulates the experience of 19th-century pioneers trekking across America. As a family of settlers in search of a new life in Oregon, you’ll collect together a traveling party, stock up your wagon with supplies, and march cheerfully to your death across the old West frontier. 

Here, you’ll have to contend with everything from blizzards, constant fire, broken limbs, starvation, and the aforementioned favorite, dysentery — among other horrors. The very first Oregon Trail was, after all, designed to teach us about the horrors of pioneer life during the 19th century, specifically, those who braved the titular 2,170-mile wagon route and emigrant trail.

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The Launch trailer for The Oregon Trail on Nintendo Switch.

Luckily, there’s plenty to distract you on your doomed death odyssey. You’ll meet a range of historic figures, complete fun yet deadly quests, and also, hunting and fishing mini-games. Yay! You can even gather around a fire and relay wild myths about local critters. Meanwhile, procedurally selected random events will determine your crooked path but don’t worry, your decisions will also come to play regarding terrible and sometimes inevitable events. 

The Oregon Trail remake is based on a series of educational games with the same title that have multiple iterations across PC, smartphones, and even your old-school Apple II computers. There’s even a version from Woe Industries that lets you not die of dysentery, among other online playable versions of the first The Oregon Trail that replicate the original 1971 release or add their own spin.

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the oregon trail game
The updated remake of The Oregon Trail adds tons of new content and visuals to the classic game.

The Oregon Trail remake game comes from publishers Gameloft and Harper Collins, who have updated the original Apple Arcade release of The Oregon Trail from 2021. The updated multiplatform release includes all the previous content updates to the original, more accessibility options, events, and visual filters.