Flee a Hungry Haunted Spider Train in Choo-Choo Charles

Fight an evil spider demon train to the death in the upcoming indie horror game Choo-Choo Charles, which lands on Steam in December from developer Two Star Games.

‘Tis the season to be so frightened, fa-la-la-la la-la-la-la. Full steam ahead, open-world horror game Choo-Choo Charles is coming to Steam in December, following a ton of attention on YouTube from its solo developer Two Star Games — who has been streaming footage of all the wild weirdness inherent to a game about a haunted train.

In Choo-Choo Charles, you are stranded on a bleak island haunted by a demon train, complete with a clown-like face and sprinting spider legs. Cultists feed delicious offerings to the eldritch train, one of which could be you if you’re not careful. It’s like Thomas the Tank Engine, but instead, Thomas is a bloodthirsty killing machine with a thousand teeth and gigantic spider legs who hunts you forever. 

Choo-Choo Charles Survival Game
In Choo-Choo Charles, you build up your own train in order to fight a cursed train to death.

Lucky for you, you have a machine gun and your own, distinctly less haunted, train to build, as well as helpful settlers who are more inclined to kill the evil spider train instead of worshipping it. Having seen plenty of footage of Charles hurtling around, I can safely say it sucks to be you. No one knows where the train comes from, but they know it enjoys eating “puny humans”.

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You’ll explore a procedurally generated world, getting the bits to build your train up into a death machine, and hopefully speeding right off the island. Meanwhile, Charles is hungry, and crops up at any time, making your time on the island less than scenic. Once you’ve completed the main questline (and presumably, acquired a rocket launcher or two) you will summon Charles for a duel to the death.

Indie game Choo-Choo Charles first appeared on the Steam store in October 2021 and will be officially released on Steam on December 9th — and is also coming for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.