Ever Forward: Now On All Major Platforms

Ever Forward, released August 2020, is a casual, adventure puzzle game, published and developed by Pathea games and Circle Entertainment. Pathea Games are most known for their 2019 release, My Time at Portia, a farming simulator published by Team17. Ever Forward supports 12 languages, but the full audio is only available in ‘English’ or ‘Simplified Chinese’, with just subtitles available for the remaining 10 languages. 

In Ever Forward, you play as Maya, a young girl who must traverse a surreal landscape that sits between reality and imagination. The trailer introduces us to Maya and her mother, who explains Maya is not to leave the house. Inevitably, Maya does, and she embarks upon her journey ever forward. The game takes approximately 2 hours to complete, with the gameplay consisting primarily of solving puzzles in order to discover Maya’s memories, help her face her fears, as well as uncover dark secrets from her past. 

According to Steam, Ever Forward is perfect for fans of Mobius Digital’s Outer Wilds or Witch Beam’s Unpacking. Ever Forward has been praised for its graphics that have an absurdist take on minimalism, but the puzzles have been criticised as becoming tedious at points. The game is priced at just under £12 on Steam, with the soundtrack available as a DLC for an extra £1.69. It’s earnt the ‘mostly positive’ tag on Steam, and as well as being available on PC, this surreal strategy game is also available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStations 4 and 5, Xbox Series X, S and Xbox One, with a demo available that’s completely free to play. So, if you’re unsure if this a game for you, you can try it out today without spending a thing!

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