Falls – 3D Slide Puzzle: Out Now on iOS & Android!

Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow – Indie developer Ennface delivers a beautifully rendered, comforting puzzle game just in time for Christmas.

What is Falls?

It’s a family-friendly 3D slide puzzle game that sees players moving blocks to solve puzzles and fill ponds with flowing water for Pinky, a cute, pink (gasp) character based one of the developer’s childhood pets.

A Present for Everyone

Falls is a very good looking game, with 5 visually distinct and beautifully designed worlds containing hundreds of levels, you won’t run out of puzzles to attempt anytime soon. With the number of levels and range of design comes an accommodating approach to difficulty as well. You can either try something more challenging with different game modes demanding that you solve puzzles against a ticking clock and within a limited number of moves, or kick back and work out some easier solutions at your own pace. Whether curled up on the couch at home or looking to kill some time while travelling, Falls has a puzzle for the occasion.

Try It Out

Falls – 3D slide puzzle is available to download on the Apple App and Google Play Stores now for FREE. The game does contain purchases for in-game items that are transferable between Ennface’s titles. 

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