Fend Off A Goblin Invasion in Young Souls

1P2P Studio and publisher The Arcade Crew has today announced an all-new beat-em-up RPG starring a group of teen misfits that you can play by yourself or with friends in co-op. Bring the fight to an invading horde of Goblins when the game comes to PC, Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 after it’s timed debut on Stadia.

This new release date isn’t the only news to do with the game, 1P2P also featured in a blog post on PlayStation blog, where you can find out all sorts of new information about the gameplay, story and inspirations for the game. 

On top of all of this, 1P2P has also released a new overview video, which shows the game’s protagonists plunging into another world for some tense dungeon-clearing combat. ‘See how the duo juggle all-night fights against surreal foes as formidable warriors with leisurely trips around town as average, laid back teens during the day.’

Young Souls will be releasing on March 10th and You can keep up with any updates on the game on their official website, and wishlisting and following the game on steam helps the developers a lot. Another great way to stay caught up is by following the studio on Twitter.

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