Looking for Aliens Demo: Quirky Indie Puzzling

Looking for Aliens Demo gives you a taste of all the levels of the indie game with its quirky plot and casual point-and-click hidden-object puzzle gameplay.

Looking for Aliens is a hidden-object indie game available since December 8th. It has 25 levels, and it offers a free demo with three levels to check if you like Looking for Aliens before your purchase.

Let’s take a look at this funny and quirky little point-and-click demo.

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The Developers

Yustas Games Studio is an independent Russian game developer that focuses on casual games. For Looking for Aliens, they partnered with Alawar, a Russian publisher interested in supporting indie games.

The two have collaborated before for games like Claire’s Cruisin’ Cafe, which is a casual management game, and Golden Rails, another point-and-click management game. Also, Yustas Games Studio collaborated with Buka, another Russian entertainment company.

Yustas Games Studio looks experienced and well-versed in casual games. Let’s take a look at what that means for Looking for Aliens.

Looking for aliens Review Indie Game Fans Review
Looking for Aliens has aliens meeting humans

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Looking for Aliens: Story and Gameplay

In the three levels that are presented in the demo, you get a taste of the game’s plot and gameplay.

Looking for Aliens lets you observe a some alien broadcasts made by aliens for aliens. They explain the rules of the game and give it its general vibe of a humorous, quirky experience.

There are human characters in the game as well, and as you explore the levels proper, you will find more humans and aliens to point and click at.

The premise of Looking for Aliens is cute: aliens exist, and they love visiting Earth, but they doing their best not to be found.

Every level has you looking for signs of aliens, aliens themselves, and some other characters and objects. The descriptions of the objects you need to find often contain hints on where to find them.

Looking for aliens Review Indie Game Fans Review
Looking for Aliens has very detailed levels with the game’s signature humour

The gameplay has you looking very carefully through the levels and clicking everything that looks suspicious.

You will be interacting with the environment and collecting hard-to-find items.

Each level has a goal, and after you reach it, you can move onto the next level. Or you can stay and find all the secrets of every level, experiencing every reference the game included for your enjoyment.

Looking for aliens Review Indie Game Fans Review
Being really attentive naturally pays off in a hidden-object game


The style of Looking for Aliens is very quirky. Its graphics and sound design are cute, and the colour scheme changes for every level, with vibrant highlights making the scene more attractive.

The music is mysterious but also light-hearted, reminding you of the humour of the game. It all fits very well with the funny plot and the cute premise of Looking for Aliens.

Looking for aliens Review Indie Game Fans Review
Take a look at some of the detailing in Looking for Aliens

Who Is the Game for?

The game is a casual point-and-click with hidden objects, but do not let that fool you: every level has its challenges.

Now, the fact that the levels have objectives which gatekeep the next level might be frustrating for some. However, the decision let you collect only a part of the hidden items to be able to pass through should make the playthrough easier.

Besides, there are funny little text hints for different items, which makes the search more fun and engaging.

If you enjoy casual games, especially hidden-object ones, give the demo a try to see if you want Looking for Aliens.

Looking for aliens Review Indie Game Fans Review
Looking for Aliens has characters and plot with the game’s signature humour


Out since November 8th, Looking for Aliens is a cute, quirky, and funny indie game with the point-and-click hidden-object gameplay and text hints.

It has its own little personality and a plot told by the main characters.

The decision to include the first three levels in a demo is great for those who doubt if they want the game.

Access the free demo on Steam to sample the funny and quirky atmosphere of Looking for Aliens.