Surviving Mars: Abstraction’s Dev Work Wraps on Below & Beyond DLC

You can purchase Surviving Mars on Xbox One, PS4 and on PC across all major storefronts including GoG, EGS and Steam.

The studio shares the story behind the creation of the DLC and the highlights of the one-year project on the Surviving Mars franchise

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Abstraction is proud to announce that the studio’s work behind Surviving Mars: Below and Beyond, the DLC that opens up new frontiers in the critically acclaimed survival colony-builder Surviving Mars from Paradox Interactive, has come to an end with the latest patch that was released this week.

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Based on a concept created and developed by Abstraction, the  Below and Beyond DLC begins a new era of colonization, as you expand into caves and lava tubes beneath the Red Planet’s unforgiving surface. Cave-ins are a real threat when living and working underground, but the benefits could outweigh the risks. Digging for rich resources deep beneath the surface of Mars unlocks new Recon and Expansion research trees, and you can even blast off to passing asteroids to mine those for rare minerals as well.

“From the moment we first pitched the idea of Below and Beyond to Paradox and up until the DLC’s final update, it’s been an exhilarating journey of creativity, engineering, and engaging with the community to bring this lively new dimension to Surviving Mars,” – Lisa Burgers (Producer).

Abstraction started working on the development of Surviving Mars in October 2020, and throughout the year the studio released content updates to the original game and, of course, the Below and Beyond DLC.

Since the release of Below and Beyond, the studio has been focused on fixing issues and improving features in direct response to player feedback:

“With this update, the game is in a state we and the players are happy with. It’s been a humbling and exciting journey, learning to work more directly with the community, and developing our relationship with the fans of the franchise. The best reward being to see the improvements in their reviews of our work!”  – Lisa Burger.

You can purchase Surviving Mars on Xbox One, PS4 and on PC across all major storefronts including GoG, EGS and Steam.