lure monsters and hoard gold in Gilded Eternal

Gilded Eternal is the latest game from solo dev Scott Ethington has been announced, it’s set to be a fast-paced arcade action game, and it’s coming later this year! Scott Ethington has been making games for over 12 years. His first independent game was Ripped Pants at Wor; ‘a frantic stealth game about searching for new pants’. Released in 2018. Ripped Pants was followed up in 2019 by Wizard Battle; ‘a puzzle game about a wizard falling down a hole’.

gilded eternal Arcade Game

An official game description reads; ‘The King is worried. Below the castle is the Well of Monsters. At any moment, the Well could overflow, putting an end to his powerful reign. Who will he send to clear the well? Who would do anything for a piece of gold? 

Players take control of the Gilded Knight, a knight plagued with greed. Destroy monsters by luring them into the King’s crushing hand or by using one of the many game-changing power-ups. But most importantly, collect the GOLD!’

This 2D pixel-art platformer has you going from room to room dying… a lot! You’ll have to be fast to lure out all kinds of monsters, each of which has their own unique ways of moving and attacking. ‘Players will have to learn the monsters’ intricacies to perfect their luring technique.’ When monsters are destroyed they will drop coins that can be used to purchase power-ups and carve out your playstyle that will make each run feel unique. These include jetpacks, revenge-seeking sawblades, and shrink rays.

An official quote from the dev reads; “The idea that started this was, ‘What if the goal was also the obstacle.’. In this game you have to lead the monsters while also avoiding them. Get them where you need them to be while jumping over and ducking under them.”

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If you like what you see in that trailer, take a look at the game on Itch and Steam where you can add it to your wishlist. The game is planned to release later this year, so keep an eye out!


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