Nostalgic Visual Novel ‘Vengeful Heart’ is Out Now!

Top Hat Studio, responsible for creating, porting and assisting on the development of many games, have today released their newest title, Vengeful Heart! Based in a world where water has become as scarce as gold, you play as a young person eager to climb the corporate ladder and improve your life. Sadly, life has other plans and you are plunged into homelessness, and hell-bent on taking revenge on the system. 

Vengeful Heart looks to be full of poignant social commentary in a branching story full of choices to make, brought to life with wonderful and brightly-colored artwork in the style of 80s and 90s anime. 

You can pick up the game on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and EGS, but if you want to follow news about the game as time goes on you can follow it on Twitter.

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