Phantom Breaker: Omnia Just Got Spicier

Publisher Rocket Panda Games is dropping one of their hot and tasty updates with the release of Phantom Breaker: Omnia Spicy Edition. This update will be absolutely free and available on all platforms. 

This features two levels of spicy play-by-play by THE ANNOUNCER who was previously featured in Phantom Breaker: Omnia’s Release Date Trailer. Too hot to handle? Perhaps.

Phantom Breaker: Omnia Video Game

Phantom Breaker: Omnia is a 2D anime fighting game with fast-paced action and a very generous selection of over 20 unique characters. Go head-to-head pitted against one another with the ability to choose between 3 fighting styles. 

For the anime aficionados, the game gets even better with the addition of 2 guest characters–Kurisu Makise from Steins; Gate and Rimi Sakihata from Chaos; Head, as well as two brand new characters created specifically for Phantom Breaker: Omnia. All this, and more come alongside their Spicy Edition.

With the addition of THE ANNOUNCER, 2 extra levels-Spicy and EXTRA SPICY, and everything being absolutely free-to-play, this is one update you won’t want to miss. Especially if you’re a long-time fan.

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Phantom Breaker: Omnia Spicy Edition is available on all platforms.


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