Rhytm-Shooter Gun Jam Officially Revealed

GUN JAM is a rhythm first-person shooter where the player must shoot to the beat to survive. Prepare to obliterate enemies whilst blasting to the beat.

The concept of the rhythm-shooter has been tried out a couple of times now, and it’s usually been… okay, outside of maybe a couple of examples in VR. Since the old days of ‘gun-sync’ videos on YouTube I think we’ve all wanted to live that out in a game, but it seems to never quite get there. Other genres seem to add rhythm-game elements fine, look at games like Crypt of the Necrodancer, but for some reason shooters never seem to quite get it right, even though it should work perfectly on paper.

That was, until 2020, when developer Dan Da Rocha showed off a little experiment with a ‘Rhythm FPS’, and it looked really promising, now that promise has been fulfilled with the gameplay reveal for GUN JAM! You have to shoot to the beat of a multi-genre original soundtrack through a variety of environments, taking on a variety of enemies who all react to the music in their own ways.

The game seems genuinely interesting and unique, and you can see this new gameplay reveal trailer here, and to keep up with development of the game you can follow the official twitter.