‘Settlement Survival’: Demo Review and Release

Gleamer Studio's 'Settlement Survival' is released on October 11th. In the meantime, let's play the free demo and see what the game is about.

Released in Early Access on October 11th, Settlement Survival is a city building and management sim with cute graphics and a lot of technologies and buildings to use in your strategy. Check out the game over on the Steam Store today, and maybe give the free demo a try.

Settlement Survival's demo
Settlement Survival’s demo has a few restrictions and options


While fairly typical for this type of game, Settlement Survival is a relatively complex city building sim. The number of resources to collect or trade is impressive, and the technology development is complicated, with most technologies depending on each other. There is a research system, and the time of the year affects the crops (and the health of your settlers who need to be kept warm).

Specific buildings unlock new mechanics, too; for example, you can only accept nomads in town halls. Overall, there is a lot to learn about, which is probably why the demo offers tutorials.

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Settlement Survival development screen
Develop technology in Settlement Survival


The demo has difficulty and development limits; you can only play on a small map with no more than 100 people and only easy mode. Still, the demo offers three tutorials, which increase in difficulty.

The first one teaches you the basics while assuming that you are unfamiliar with this type of games, and the last one is dedicated to trade and research.

Settlement Survival demo village
Build, collect resources, automate the collection, and discover new things


Both the demo and, according to the reviews on Steam, the full Settlement Survival game can be quite confusing at first. There is a lot to do, which is wonderful, but there is a little too much to do, especially if, as the first tutorial assumes, you are not familiar with this type of games.

The fans of the genre will probably enjoy learning about every building and technology while working to develop their strategy, but the people new to it may feel overwhelmed. The Settlement Survival demo might not be the best introduction into city management.

Naturally, the demo with only one difficulty and two maps will not be enough for the fans of such games, but it should be enough to show them if they are interested in the game’s style and approach to management.

The music is calm and has a medieval feel to it, and the graphics are quite beautiful. You can choose a worker to switch to the first-person perspective and walk through your town (while noticing how things clip through each other, but that is a minor issue). Overall, the demo is enough to get acquainted with the game as long as it is not too much for you.


Settlement Survival is freshly released as an Early Access game, and it offers a free demo. The demo has reasonable limitations, and it is definitely enough to understand if the game is for you. The Settlement Survival demo might not be the best introduction into the genre of city management, but it is a very complex and interesting addition to it.

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