‘101 Forgotten’: A Visual Novel from Indonesia

'101 Forgotten' is a horror indie game by Lentera Nusantara, a developer that incorporates cultural inspirations into modern-day art and digital advancements.

Lentera Nusantara is an Indonesian indie game developer that prides themselves on using inspirations from Indonesian culture and traditional heritage in modern-day art.

101 Forgotten is a very prominent project of this developer. Drawing on folklore from Indonesia, it presents you with a school horror game that delivers its plot through the medium of a visual novel. 101 Forgotten was featured on Gamescom Asia, and we want to take a look at this soon-to-be released indie game.

Lentera Studios

Lentera Nusantara has the important mission of using the modern digital media to show the beauty of the cultural heritage of Asia and, in particular, Indonesia. The indie developer has a few projects in store for those interested in the cultural heritage of Indonesia. Their previous game, Ghost Parade, was a beautifully-drawn side-scroller adventure released in 2019. In it, you found and worked together with forest horrors to get home safely. Both Ghost Parade and 101 Forgotten were featured in Gamescom Asia.

Ghost Parade by Lentera Nusantara at Gamescom Asia
Ghost Parade by Lentera Nusantara at Gamescom Asia

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Plot and Gameplay in 101 Forgotten

With 101 Forgotten, the themes of Indonesian horror will be at the centre of a traditional stage for modern Asian horror – a school. Something strange is happening in it, and you will follow the main characters through a visual novel in hopes of learning more.

This indie game meshes together traditional and modern ideas about horror and utilises the modern medium of a game to create the sort of experience that reading traditional horror stories cannot provide. Be ready for some creepy ambience and jump-scares! 

101 Forgotten by Lentera Nusantara
101 Forgotten by Lentera Nusantara

This indie game is great for lovers of horror and those interested in the traditional horror stories of different countries.

101 Forgotten has an Instagram and Facebook page, which detail the inspirations behind the art that is planned to be added to the game. They include very interesting reading and absolutely stunning art, both beautiful and haunting. Unfortunately, the latest post seems to have been done in February. Perhaps, additional engagement can prompt the developers to post some more interesting stories about their inspirations.


101 Forgotten is a horror indie game that uses the medium of a visual novel to scare and engage the audience. It also has mystery elements, and it is heavily inspired by Indonesian folklore.

It is great for lovers of horror, Asian horror, and cultural insights, and we will be looking closely at the game’s development, hoping that it will be released soon.