curses computer game

Show ’em How you REALLY Feel with CURSES

Killjoy Games are cooking up quite the supernatural adventure, but with a side of dark humor. CURSES is a hand drawn point-and-click game about teenage angst, feelings, and navigating the rocky road of self definition.

curses computer game

Players take on the story of “Girl”, a 17 year old with dark feelings and major troubles. With the help of her cynical, yet cute cat familiar, you’ll decide Girl’s path with the power of friendship, and even a bit of dark magic. Whichever works at this point. You’ll be left with two choices: curse everyone else or care for yourself. Given how things are nowadays, it should be relatively easy.

curses computer game

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As you play, you pick the mood and this changes the story and the types of magic you can do. With an array of different spells and witchcraft, you’re given the freedom to control your narrative with Anthropomancy, Tarot, Ouija, Potion-making, Summoning, and Astral Projection to name a few.

CURSES is manifesting now on Steam and