Sifu gets new content and physical release

One of the most popular indies of the last couple of years is easily Sifu, the stylish Kung Fu action game where you age every time you die.

One of the most popular indies of the last couple of years is easily Sifu, the stylish Kung Fu action game where you age every time you die. Sloclap has not only released the physical versions of the game but have announced a whole host of new content. For those who don’t know what Sifu is, an official description reads; ‘Sifu  takes place in a fictional Chinese city whose players explore certain charismatic places to satisfy their thirst for revenge. Many difficult clashes punctuate their journey, putting their talent and determination to the test. To overcome these formidable obstacles, the fighters must perfect their mastery of Kung Fu, but also rely on the powers of a magic pendant capable of restoring life. The main character ages each time he has to use the object: time is the price to pay for revenge. Sifu  is mainly inspired by the great classics of Kung Fu film, and several members of Sloclap practice martial arts, including Pak Mei Kung Fu. Throughout the development of the game, the team worked closely with the Kowloon Nights studio, based in Beijing and Hong Kong, which carried out various cultural checks in order to offer the most respectful result possible for Chinese culture. of Kung Fu. Different consultants from various Chinese video game companies were also invited to collaborate to contribute their knowledge, and thus drive many changes within the game, from the design of the main character to the details of the environment.’

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Sifu Video Game News Indie Game Fans News

Originally released in early February, Sifu has gone on to sell millions of units. This first big update adds a whole host of interesting content for those who are just starting the game, and those who want a reason to jump back in. The Spring Update offers features like new difficulty choices, an advanced training mode to practice your moves against all types of enemies and bosses, and outfit/costume changes for the main character; as well as a lot of improvements to the interface.

The new difficulty levels are ‘student’, ‘disciple’ and ‘master’, and change opponent strength, AI responsiveness and how much you age per fail. ‘Disciple’ is the closest to the original difficulty of the game.

Sifu Video Game News Indie Game Fans News

In terms of costumes, there are two options for you to choose from, with the promise of more to come in future. Owners of the Deluxe Edition also benefit from an extra outfit in this update.

Other updates and improvements are listed as such; ‘A Dark Mode for menus, better keyboard/mouse handling, updated audio, and a better UI are also part of the update, among other general gaming experience improvements.’

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As well as all of these updates, Sifu is also released in stores around the world. There will be two boxed versions of the game, the standard and vengeance editions. The Vengeance Edition comes with a  48-page artbook, the complete soundtrack composed by Howie Lee and three beautiful lithographs inserted in a nice metal case.