Survive Slavic Mythology in Code Alkonost

From developer Remote Human comes Code Alkonost, a single-player Unreal Engine title with psychological Survival Horror game elements that takes place in a dark mediaeval-style fantasy world inspired by Slavic mythology. Over the course of the game you traverse and explore this grim (no pun intended) world and encounter spirits, illusions and possessions straight from the underworld. With a focus on creating an authentic visual style and showing stories that haven’t been shown before in horror games, this seems like a highly interesting title.

Code Alkonost: Awakening of Evil Survival Horror Game

An official game description reads; ‘Two twin sisters Sasha and Aleksandra set out to leave gifts in front of the idol of the Slavic god Perun, believing gods would give them health and peace in the Jawia world. While Sasha is handing over food to the idol, Sister Aleksandra decides to become playful and hides from Sasha, which leads Sasha to the entrance to the Forbidden, a place where robbers are sent when they receive the death penalty, where it was believed that demons wander. After arriving at the Forbidden Forest, she hears her sister screaming, after which she decides to enter the forest, the entrance to the forest is closed and there is no way out for Sasha, the sunset has set. Enter the Slavic survival horror…’

The game also features a ‘sanity effect’ system that impacts the whole audiovisual experience that allows you to optionally use external gameplay equipment to enhance your experience. The story is rich and faithful to the folklore it’s based on, and will have you fight mythological creatures, solve puzzles left by gods and immerse you in atmospheric environments where you’ll have to learn witchcraft to defend yourself, aided by traditional Slavic folk music.

The devs talk about the story more in depth here; ‘The game provides a different approach to depression and puberty inside a horror game with empathetic and flawed characters. The main protagonist is a young Slavic girl who discovers her abilities and life purpose during her journey. During her progress, Sasha will reach that point of maturity where her body is abruptly changing and she will develop the confidence to make her own decisions, and resist attempts by unwanted creatures to take her soul and control over her own body.’

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You can see a full ten minutes of gameplay here, and find the game here. Stay up-to-date with the game on the official website.


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