Switching it Up: Papa’s Quiz

All in all, Papa’s Quiz is a fun quiz game that is best enjoyed by a group of family and friends. It does exactly what you would expect but no more.

Papa’s Quiz has finally arrived on Switch and this could be its best incarnation ever. Originally released on PC at the end of last year, Papa’s Quiz has built up a bit of a cult following on Twitch as a family-friendly alternative to games like Jackbox. It is also available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. With its colourful graphics and quirky characters that look like elongated potatoes, it’s aesthetically aimed at a younger audience. However, don’t let the playful presentation fool you; with over 2500 questions spread across 185 categories – it’s a broad and genuinely challenging quiz game at heart. This could present a bit of a problem when playing as a mixed group of adults and children, but the developers Old Apes have weaponised perceived parental ignorance of youth culture by cleverly mixing in some child-friendly categories for younger players to level the playing field.

Papa's Quiz Switch Review Indie Game Fans Review

Prepare to Quiz 

Games can be played by 1 to 8 people using phones or tablets as controllers by scanning a QR code on the Nintendo Switch (no app download needed!). One player can play with the Joy-Con controller and manage settings etc. Once you start, players have to customise their avatar and player name. Want to be a giant hotdog called “Lady Flower”? No problem. This is a really fun element of the game and helps people better recognise their own character when playing in a large group with a crowd of avatars onscreen. It’s also fun to see your new avatar busting a move during one of the dance rounds. The quiz show takes place in a living room with the characters all sitting on a giant couch waiting to battle it out to become the quiz champion. The show is presided over by the hosts; Papa (a potato in a top hat) and his butler Mister Montgomery (a robot–hatless). Both MC the quiz you’ve chosen with masterfully deadpan delivery which adds to the quirky feel.

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Quiz Me If You Can

After choosing a category, which is a contest in itself, players have to answer the questions that appear on the screen. The fastest correct answer gets the most points and the second-fastest the second-most points etc. This means you not only have to be correct but also fast which adds to the fun and caused some elbow pushing in our house to try to put off the competition! The rounds have a couple of formats covering standard trivia, picture reveals and the ability to steal points from your opponents. For those that win a round they can then express their joy through the power of dance in the short break before the next one. There are a few dances to choose from and this adds some great silly fun to the game. Things come to a head in the fifth round in the grand finale where players can attempt to win back lost ground by being the quickest to answer.

Papa's Quiz Switch Review Indie Game Fans Review

The Verdict

All in all, Papa’s Quiz is a fun quiz game that is best enjoyed by a group of family and friends. It does exactly what you would expect but no more. Potential downsides to the game are that if you play it a lot, the voice-overs can get a bit repetitive and of course eventually, you will see repeated questions once or twice, but this can be said of most quiz games on the market. We have noted though that the developers do add new categories and questions to the game from time to time so that should keep things fresh and give it a little extra longevity.

  • Quirky characters
  • Lots of questions
  • Suitable for younger players

Our Rating

8 / 10



8 / 10



9 / 10