The Light! It Burns! V Rising is in Early Access

While Vampire the Masquerade is busy sucking up headlines across the mainstream gaming press we’re much more interested in V Rising, Stunlock Studio’s open world vampire survival game that’s out now on Steam early access.

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Image Credit: Stunlock Studios

Dead and Loving It

Awaken as a vampire after centuries of slumber and, as the devs put it, ‘rise to become the next Dracula.’ Set in an appropriately gothic dark fantasy world your job is adventure across the land, feasting on human blood to make yourself stronger while pillaging villages and whacking bandits. When the sun comes up its time to go down into the dark lairs of supernatural beasts and continue your strict slay-xercise (patent pending) routine by battling supernatural beasts.

Have buddies to add to your brood? Well you’ll be glad to hear that you can do all of the above with friends in tow for both PvP and PvE. Attack your rival player’s castles or play the diplomat and broker peace you and the other clans. It wouldn’t be very vampiric to have power struggles if they weren’t laced with ambition and betrayal now, would it. 

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Arise Early

V Rising is currently in early access at a cost of £15.49 and other regional equivalents. Stunlock are very keen to work with their player base as development continues so if you do pick it up and give it a go, remember to give them some feedback. Every little helps.

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