VHS: Creators of Wick announce upcoming beta for multiplayer horror game

Indie horror fans, this game might just be the one you’re waiting for. Hellbent Games, the developers behind 2015 indie horror survival game Wick, have announced an upcoming beta for their sci-fi multiplayer horror, VHS.

What is VHS?

A 4v1 team-based indie game where teammates must escape terrifying monsters inspired by 80s’ horror films. you must face your deepest fears in the depths of a retro 1980s video store. Players, or ‘Teens’, must fight or die as you craft and master various weapons to overcome the creatures that pursue you – ranging from the classic Werewolf to creepy-sounding Dollmaster. Skill trees and perks are all part of your build, so you can create either a plucky Teen hero, or a deadly monstrosity with enough powerful perks to make your skin crawl.

As Hellbent Games’ first free-to-play horror game, and indie games’ answer to popular games like Dead By Daylight, this looks like a must-play to horror and multiplayer game fans alike.

Perhaps even better news – Hellbent Games have announced that the game will be free-to-play upon launch, so players of all budgets will be able to hop on and fight for their lives against the ghoulish creatures online.

VHS Game News Indie Game Fans News

Where can I sign up for the VHS beta?

Sound too good to wait for? Now, you don’t have to! You can sign up to play the upcoming VHS beta via the official VHS website. Players selected for participation will be able to download and play the beta through Steam for PC.

VHS Game News Indie Game Fans News

When will the full game be launched?

At the moment, there has been no announcement of a release date for free-to-play horror game, VHS. However, Hellbent Games have confirmed that VHS will launch in Early Access for PC on Steam and Epic Games soon. Add to your Wishlist today to make sure you won’t miss out.

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