We’re back in the 90s with Violet Wisteria

The classic platformer will always hold a very special place in the heart of every 90s kid–especially the gamers. They’ve become such icons of the generation, that you’d be hard pressed to not even be remotely aware of their existence. Luckily, Japan-based indie studio KaniPro Games is bringing us Violet Wisteria, a much-needed nostalgia trip that’s coming to Steam much sooner than you think.

The game takes us back to the year 1991, with human-turned-goddess Wisteria Asagiri taking the reins, and slashing her way through 8 stages of sheer platformer goodness.

Violet Wisteria Video Game

Violet Wisteria looks to stand out from the competition by introducing the tri-color attack system. This essentially allows the player to use three different sword slashes, each with its own color attributes. These slashes must then be used correctly against enemies of the same three color palette swaps. It’s a rhythm game, but with swordplay and visual cues–like rock paper scissors, but rock beats rock, and vice-versa. This brings forth a certain amount of challenge in terms of combat, level completion, and boss-stomping. Most players would find the demand for quick reflexes, deft hand-eye coordination, and critical thinking quite refreshing.

The game also comes packed with all the necessary bells and whistles. Aside from the tri-color attack system, we’re treated to retro-style pixel art complete with chiptunes reminiscent of the 16 bit era of gaming. Selectable difficulty levels and unlockables allow a good level of replayability for those who go full-on completionist.

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“Our goal with Violet Wisteria was to revive the magic of the golden era of Japanese gaming”, Chris Stark, KaniPro director says. All things considered, good ol’ Wisteria Asagiri just might be that magic defibrillator we all need.

Violet Wisteria will be available on Steam on July 14th. You can follow KanipPro Games on Twitter for more updates on the game.


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