World of Horror: A Much-Awaited Update

After a year of silence, World of Horror, a rouguelite Junji Ito/Lovecraft-inspired indie game, received a major update.

World of Horror, a love letter to Junji Ito, has received an update

This early access indie game that embodies cosmic horror finally sees its developer’s return!

The new update includes a couple of new characters and mysteries along with a number of other features.

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World of Horror‘s one-man developer panstasz comes from Poland. The game was released in 2020, and the new update came in the beginning of December. 

You can view the developer’s and Patreon if you are interested in supporting World of Horror, which is panstasz’s first and main project.

This indie game has been in development for about four years, and it is full of features that are bound to excite cosmic horror fans.

World of Horror Game News Indie Game Fans News
World of Horror has a very peculiar style inspired by Junji Ito

Gameplay, Style, Cosmic Horror

World of Horror is a cosmic horror game, which means that everything is random. The main idea of cosmic horror is that its horror is meaningless, happens for no reason, and cannot be stopped.

You will be trying to keep an Old God from awakening (for just a little bit longer). On your way, you will purchase and find items, receive allies, encounter unspeakable horrors, and have random events that are usually not in your favour. Enjoy!

The style of the game is heavily inspired by Junji Ito and other Japanese and cosmic horror stories. It is a very stylish, 1-bit adventure-RPG with quests and battles and multiple endings for each mystery you solve.

The music fits the general feeling of dread and enhances it.

There is also a collectathon-like metagame. Find out all the mysteries of World of Horror (or perish trying)!

World of Horror Game News Indie Game Fans News
World of Horror is a rouguelite where you solve quests by investigating locations with random events. You can collect items and allies, too

Remember that this indie game is in early access. Personally, we find that the number of features in World of Horror make it worth trying, but before purchasing an early access game, make sure that you would be fine with it never getting updated again.

Hopefully that will not happen now that the developer is back, but take a look at some playthroughs before making the decision.

World of Horror is great for cosmic horror and Junji Ito fans. It has its limits in terms of replayability, but the number of random events is immense, and the opportunity to customize the game is great as well.

With the new update, we have more characters and mysteries, which makes it worth going back and playing World of Horror some more.

World of Horror Game News Indie Game Fans News
World of Horror battles happen between you and many different enemies


World of Horror has received an update, and all the fans of the game were happy to reflect that in their reviews.

We hope that the return of the developer means that this indie game will be finished. Even in its current state it offers a lot of replayability and enjoyment for cosmic horror fans, though.

Take a look at a couple of playthroughs and decide if you want to get the game on Itch.ioSteam or GOG.