World’s First Pint-and-Click Adventure Dude, Where Is My Beer? Aims for A New Hop

*beer not included, but hipster bars mandatory as part of indie adventure Dude, Where Is My Beer? from developer Arik Games

In Dude, Where is my Beer? You play a slack-donning mustachioed regular schmo on an odyssey for a simple pilsner in a world full of overpriced fancy hipster beers. A handy “sober” to “drunk” gauge tracks your current level of inebriation, and in the vein of the golden age of Sierra point-and-clicks, you will have to do unspeakable and confusing things with objects to locate your beloved pilsner. And, unlike the golden age of Sierra point-and-clicks, you can only complete certain object puzzles drunk. 

Plus, it turns out that the pilsner shortage is not just a result of gentrification and economic crisis in the city of Oslo, but in fact, all a ploy of the Master Brewer: an inscrutable entity that has banned pilsner and cursed Oslo’s inhabitants into forever enjoying beers of strange flavors.

Dude, Where Is My Beer? Video Game

Like a drunk, eldritch Santa, he turns up once a year to win the town’s brewing contest and dictates all the beers for the season. Only the craftiest beers are allowed, leaving no room for your standard pilsner beer.  

You then stroll around a haphazard cartoon Oslo of fancy, alternative pubs and streets. You’ll parlay with the literal quiz king, taste all manner of things brewed with banana and cucumber, and get frustrated at the intricacies of vegan food. 

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Dude, Where Is My Beer? Video Game

Obviously, as someone who enjoys swilling fancy drinks and crunching on tempeh burgers, I was hysterically offended by everything. No, not really, the humor in Dude, Where Is My Beer seems to veer more toward surreal than anything else. The animation style, which is kind of like a pastel Bob’s Burgers, softens the tone somewhat. 

Anyway, despite your best efforts cavorting around the streets and dive bars, there is not a single pilsner to be found. Instead, you must complete your noble and true quest via “Dude, Where Is My Beer? 2: A New Hop”, which will be launching on Kickstarter at an unannounced date from developer Arik Games.