2Madvent 2Calendar: A Game Compilation Every Horror Fan Should See

Join as we look back at 2021's Madvent Calendar and its collection of demos for the spookiest retro indies around.

Taking quick look in the mirror back at Christmas 2021, one seasonal indie happening we wished we hadn’t missed was the second ‘Madvent Calendar’ released by the great folks over at Haunted PS1. This, like much of the Haunted PS1 library, was a selection of demos for upcoming indie horror games, based around the aesthetic of the original PlayStation, particularly games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

Last year’s offering included 24 demos for some of the spookiest retro indies.

The first Madvent Calendar surfaced from the collective in 2020 with many submissions culminating in a great collection of numbered demos for small indie games. Tonally the Madvent Calendar rings true of the haunted psx aesthetic, with all the stylistic elements you would expect, likely thanks to most of these games being created through the HPSX pipeline. If you missed it during advent time and want a scary selection of experiences for the rest of winter (or any time, really, many of the games aren’t holiday themed), then the HPS1 Madvent calendar is the place you want to be!

This year’s calendar featured demos for:

  1. RIIP
  2. Knight’s Fly
  3. The Arrogance of Man
  4. Banana Bam
  5. Gardens of a New World
  6. Shadow of the Elders
  7. Pier Game
  9. Madame Claudine’s Curious Curiosities
  10. JSON: VR Sandbox
  11. P.O.S.S.U.M
  12. A Gift
  13. Extremely Cool Downhill Skiing With Jaska
  14. Amalgamation
  15. Warped North
  16. A dream within a dream
  17. People’s Tree 2021+Where’s Home?
  18. Untitled
  19. Oberon’s Wake
  20. Gunshot Bride
  21. Mother Christmas
  22. Family
  23. Atlas Gate
  24. 24 jingles to bell

The advert for last year’s offering can be found here:

YouTube player

And a link to download the collection is right here.