Strange Horticulture launches on Steam January 21st

Mystery puzzle game Strange Horticulture has now arrived on PC! Developed by two-person developer team (and brothers) Bad Viking, and published by Iceberg Interactive, Strange Horticulture launched on January 21st 2022. This occult indie game combines puzzling and detective investigation elements to uncover a multi-layered story and the mysteries of Undermere, all from the comfort of your spooky plant shop.

About Strange Horticulture

Straight out of a scene from Little Shop of Horrors, Strange Horticulture takes place inside an eldritch plant shop, where players act as the shopkeeper and chat with the many visitors that arrive throughout the day. Through these conversations, you’ll fulfil rare plant orders for your customers to help alleviate their problems – whether it’s something to help them sleep, a gift for a friend, or something a little more nefarious. As the game continues, you start to unravel the stories of each of the customers, with character story crossovers and supernatural storylines that go in unexpected directions…

Strange Horticulture Game news indie Game Fans News

In a similar vein to other popular conversation-based interactive games like Papers, Please and Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator, this looks to be a great addition to your game library if you enjoy a mix of puzzling, choices-matter story narratives, and some good old-fashioned detective work.

Strange Horticulture Game news indie Game Fans News

Where Can I Play Strange Horticulture?

Strange Horticulture is now available through Steam, Epic Games, and GOG as a PC exclusive. As of yet, there has been no mention of whether the indie game will ever be ported to console in future.

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