Missed Games Monthly: October 2021

New indie games release every day around the world so we here at indegamefans.com have compiled a short list of hidden indie gems you may have missed in the month of October!

The gaming industry moves incredibly quickly and sometimes there are games that go completely under our radar. New indie games release every day around the world so we here at indegamefans.com have compiled a short list of hidden indie gems you may have missed in the month of October!

1. Growbot (Available on PC) Release Date: October 21st

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Starting off we have the 2D point-and-click adventure game, Growbot. This title is the debut game of developer Wabi-sabi Play, founded in 2018 with a dedication to making beautiful, emotional games. Lead Developer and Artist, Lisa Evans, brought her illustrations to life with a truly unique art style. The player takes on the role of a Growbot training to become a pilot living in a bizarre biopunk space station being infested by a dark crystalline force. The game features decently challenging puzzles, a feel-good factor, and truly beautiful music that keeps players entranced right up to the end. The game, currently, only has 11 reviews on Steam, the only platform the game is available for.

2. Monster Crown (Available on PC) Release Date: October 12th

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Evoking the feeling of early Pokemon, the now fully released Monster Crown has hit the scene in a big way. Players will partner up with monsters that dominate the land to stop evil from seizing power but unlike the other games of it’s kind, Monster Crown promises a deeper and darker story. There are over 200+ monsters to collect and countless combinations to breed, making it possible to sink hundreds of hours into this game without touching the multiplayer. Though it was released on Steam’s early access this summer, the full version of the game has been released now offering online battles and trading between players. Monster Crown seems to be the next step for trainers who have outgrown any of their previous monster partner games.

3. Chasing Static (Available on PC) Release Date: October 14th

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It is now common for games to be made in the style of previous generations to evoke a sense of nostalgia, even if it’s a new experience. We see games like Shovel Knight, specifically made to have the graphics of the old NES, be huge successes. It seems that we have now gotten so far into the “future” that we now have games like Chasing Static, who’s graphics mimic that of the PS1. A psychological horror short story, Chasing Static puts players in the role of a man trying to figure out what happened to the missing people of a village in Wales. The game takes heavy inspiration from 80s sci-fi horror and when combined with the PS1 aesthetic, it creates a truly chilling experience. Players will hunt for anomalies while exploring the nonlinear village using audio mechanics and their own wit. It’s only the second title by developers Headware Games and the short story is perfect for the spooky season.

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4. Tandem A Tale of Shadows (Available on Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S) Release Date: October 20th

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A game with truly unique game play and art, Tandem A Tale Of Shadows, is a puzzle platformer changing how we look at the genre as a whole. Players take control of Emma who’s friend, Thomas, went missing in his own mansion. As your journey is beginning, you make the acquaintance of a teddy bear come to life named Fenton. You and Fenton work together, as you exist on two different planes, to unlock the rooms of the house. The unique gameplay comes from alternating between Emma, who’s gameplay is from a top-down perspective, and Fenton, who’s gameplay switches to a 2D platformer. This isn’t the first game to feature a hybrid genre of gameplay but in combination with the exceptional art style and a story that keeps you hooked right until the end, Tandem is a game that many of us are having a hard time putting down.

5. Hourglass (Available on PC) Release Date: October 22nd

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Made with the Unreal 4 engine, Hourglass is an atmospheric first-person puzzle game with a unique core mechanic that the whole game is based around. The player can create time clones by recording your actions for a set amount of time. Then time will wind back before the actions were done and your time clone will appear, repeating the actions you had previously taken. This allows players to essentially do two things at once, which will need to be done often and creatively to get through the many puzzles hidden in the pyramids. In these ancient Egyptian pyramids lie portals ready to take you to worlds filled with lost technology as the protagonist searches for her missing father. An interesting premise combined with a strong core game mechanic makes Hourglass an unforgettable experience.