A glorious victory will soon be yours!

Well it will if you pick up indie open world curiosity Ashigaru: The Last Shogun from LGS Game Productions on PlayStation.

Today sees the release of the latest game from developer Gilson B. Pontes and LGS Game Productions; Ashigaru: The Last Shogun. This game is an open-world title where you play as a Samurai on a mission. Set during the Sengoku period when powerful Daimyos fought for power and territories in a near-constant civil war spanning the whole country. You must seek out and fight an enemy clan to ensure the survival of yours. Battle and explore this ancient world as you take your journey.

Image Credit: LGS Games Productions

The Age of the Country at War

An official description of the game reads; ‘During the Sengoku period in the midst of civil war, the powerful Daimyo’s struggle for power and the conquest of the imperial capital. Shingen from the Takeda clan and Ieyasu from the Tokugawa clan fight bloody battles to conquer more territories and power. The great Shingen defeats several forces of his enemies but is severely wounded in combat by Ieyasu’s forces.

Predicting the imminent death of their great leader, the Takeda clan secretly sends their best Ashigarus to annihilate Ieyasu’s forces and the entire Tokugawa clan. In revenge the death of the legendary warlord Shingen Takeda.’

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