Dig to go up. You heard me.

Dig this - subterranean platformer Underland: The Climb is on its way to the surface - popping up soon on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

I bet you’ve never had to do that before, huh? In this upcoming platformer, you can use elements of the scenery, such as picks and many others to drill the soil to the indicated location, including destructible terrain, fluid mechanics and the many other laws of physics to solve the various puzzles this title has in store for you. Featuring a charming pixel artstyle, 30 levels to blast through and some well-designed physics puzzles that mixes fun and challenge really well, this is a title to keep your eye on, and it comes out soon!

Image Credit: LGS Games Productions

Malice in Underland

Acting as a direct sequel to developer MiniCactus’s previous title ‘Underland’, Underland: The Climb is a platformer-puzzle game where the player helps main character Ivy to survive an extraterrestrial attack. An official description expands; ‘On the journey the player must use different kinds of tools to be able to dig the ground, avoid acid, enemies and go through very strange places. Well-designed challenges are waiting for you to be surpassed. Now it’s time to escape the city of Underland!’

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Lone Digger

Underland: The Climb will be available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X on May 26th. To follow the development of the game, follow publisher QUByte on Twitter. Can’t wait for the console releases and have a PC handy? Underland: The Climb is on Steam for under £2!