‘A Hero’s Rest’ has you prepare heroes for a journey…

A Hero's Rest sets out to put your management skills to the test as you fight to grow your town's popularity while tending to your Heroes' needs & His Majesty's demands.

In this upcoming town management sim you won’t be controlling the heroes that take up rest in your homestead, but instead you’ll be giving them everything they need for the journey ahead. This game comes from new studio Vanguard Games, an Israel-based studio run by just two people. Their mission statement is; “We believe that through passion and commitment, we can provide great games that will challenge our player’s skills.”

Later this year you will have the opportunity to Immerse yourself into a fantasy world as the proprietor of a small town in a world chock-full of Heroes and monsters.

A Hero's Rest Announcement News

Based in the world of Felonia, you must build shops, craft items and use hundreds of customisation options to help manage your resources wisely while making sure to ward off the dangers surrounding your little stead. The king of this land has tasked you with warding off the threats that surround the land. For this, you are given the role of the proprietor of a fantasy town where you will recruit Heroes, manage your resources and supply your shops with the wares that your Heroes need for their adventures.

A Hero’s Rest sets out to put your management skills to the test as you fight to grow your town’s popularity while tending to your Heroes’ needs & His Majesty’s demands. You have full control across shops in multiple landscapes, and could make anything from a cosy tavern to a huge training ground.

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A Hero’s Rest is planned to release into Early Access on Steam later this year, but right now you can Wishlist the game. If you want to follow development you can follow them on Twitter, and get involved with development on Discord.