A Little to the Left Video Game

A Little to The Left is Tidy Enough, No Unpacking Required

Developer Max Inferno just dropped an official release date for their cozy, detail-oriented, and relaxing tidying-up puzzle game, A Little to the Left. Their featured trailer made an appearance at Gamescom 2022!

The game will have players solving puzzles by arranging objects into curious patterns through the most ingenuitive ways possible. Enter a calming, yet cluttered world with observational puzzle mechanics coupled with surprises around every corner.

A Little to the Left Video Game

A Little to The Left features charming illustrations and engaging scenarios that are sure to keep you hooked–without stressing yourself out. No, this isn’t the Dark Souls of cleaner-uppers.

A Little to the Left Video Game

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Explore over 75+ unique, logical, and quick-to-solve puzzles with satisfying gameplay. The intuitive drag and drop controls will make life much easier–just like real tidying up. Environmental storytelling makes up the backbone of the game’s narrative, and it’s backed up by charming illustrations, atmospheric sound design, and plain ol’ cuteness. Sounds good! Much better than staring at your actual, untidy room–at least in my case.

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A Little to the Left is coming to PC and Mac on November 8, 2022, with later releases for Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms.