Sker Ritual Survival Game

Sker Ritual gets an Early Access Release Date

Wales Interactive is dropping some Early Access news plus a projected release date for Sker Ritual, the spiritual successor to the award-winning horror game, Maid of Sker. As of now, we’re looking at a Sker Ritual Early Access release this October–right on schedule for scary Halloween!

Halloween parties will indeed be more fun, given how the game is tailor-made for playing solo, up to 4 players online with the spawned hordes’ scaling to the number of players. The more the merrier–and the more macabre.

Sker Ritual Survival Game

Sker Island has recruited new elites, each with a unique set of abilities–perfect for everyone’s playstyle. Customise your character with swappable in-game masks inspired by all forms of horror; from science fiction to the supernatural, and so much more. For those who go a bit more aggressive, feel free to taunt your teammates with unique voice lines.

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Sker Ritual Survival Game

The Laughing Policeman’s booth will supply your guns, ammo, and more valuable items–so, find them across the map. The island is your oyster, especially when it comes to weaponry. Buy stock munitions, gamble, and even climb the weapon ranks with unique upgrades courtesy of The Laughing Policeman’s SUPER CHARGER. Happy hunting.

Lastly, ‘Miracles’ will form part of a unique perk system to be revealed soon in Sker Ritual’s overall gameplay. The concept of miracles have never been so hopeful, yet quite foreboding.

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Sker Ritual is landing on Steam Early Access this October, with a full launch on PC and consoles in Q2 2023.