Among Us VR – Venting Onto SteamVR Soon!

No one will forget where they were when Among Us VR was announced. Well, that may be an exaggeration, but It sure feels like there was a mass shared experience of people joking that Among Us 2 or Among Us VR was going to be announced, and then, at The Game Awards, it somehow actually happened.

It’s kind-of been a while coming, too. After the huge success of the original game over lockdown in 2020, there were more VR copycats than one can count. If you were to go on VRChat even now and search the maps, it’d be hard not to come across at least two among us VR maps or open servers; and now, we have an official version.

Releasing some time in the near future, the reveal trailer sure doesn’t give us much, but it does show off how it will look, a hint at how it will play, and a Twitter Account to follow for updates on the game’s development.

I should probably wrap this article up before I find myself working in a ‘sus’ or ‘vent’, but you can read more about Among Us VR on the official website HERE.

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