Anime RPG Puzzle Action with ALICE Fiction

We’re getting yet another anime extravaganza courtesy of Japan’s WonderPlanet Inc., an entertainment company led by Founder and CEO Tomoki Tsunekawa. The festivities come in the form of their fast-paced puzzle RPG, ALICE Fiction, which is available for pre-download.

The game features a high-speed puzzle battle system that offers both a sufficient challenge, and a little bit of fun for any players who are looking to check it out–regardless of whether you’re an anime fan or not.

alice fiction Video Game

The mechanics are simple–the more panels you break within the time limit, the bigger advantage you gain during each battle. There are also unlockable special attacks that give a more intense experience to an otherwise calm and tactical game. If you’ve played FGO, then you know. Card battlers, am I right?

With a fully-voiced cast and some sweet EDM on the soundtrack, there’s definitely an immersive experience to look forward to. While a mobile game, the animations look slick, and the artwork has a nice polish that anyone can appreciate. This is definitely a title to look out for, especially if you’re a bonafide anime RPG enthusiast who loves card-based battles.

Most popular news:

Pre-downloads for ALICE Fiction are available today via the App Store and Google Play, and the game’s full launch is happening on July 27th!


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