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Tobspr Games is bringing some 2D sandbox action with, a game set in an academy where being tidy is absolutely not the name of the game. The primary objective is to make the greatest mess your imagination could conceptualise–and not get caught by the teacher. Worry not, for your classmates are on board.

The game allows you to play a quick 5 minute round with 6-10 players–one of which will be the teacher. It’s more akin to Among Us, minus the ninja-level decapitation and emotional manipulation during emergency meetings. While player-students run around and wreak havoc, the player-teacher will keep an eye out, with the punishment being detention, and not death–thankfully.

As of now, the game features a fully-fledged map editor with a rich sandbox system. This allows you to create your stage and spawn items that you can throw, push, smash, and break. You can do just about anything to create that masterpiece of a mess. There’s a lot of experimentation to be had, and in the future, you’ll be able to further explore your methods via crossplay between PC and Android. Definitely a fine way to strengthen friendships–or break them if one of you decides to go full-on teacher.

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Check out the first trailer here: is currently available on Steam, and will soon be on mobile via Android. Check out their Twitter and Youtube channel for more updates.


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