Apocalyptic Mysterious Adventure KAPIA is Out Now!

Describing it’s world as a ‘funky apocalypse’, Point-and-click adventure game KAPIA released January 25th on Steam and GOG, in the game you help main characters Stefan and Reny on their adventure to solve the mystery of dome survivors. Play for both characters and uncover the origin of the crisis that divided the world.

The World Union collapsed, the nations are divided into coalitions “East” and “West”, a mysterious intelligent infection is forcing people to live under city lockdown. This is the world that needs saving. The world of KAPIA. 

Amidst the chaos, Stefan, a retired pilot and a strong-willed grandfather, takes on the responsibility of ending the conflict. Little does he know his most powerful ally will be his little granddaughter, Reny.

KAPIA is a traditional point and click adventure featuring puzzle solving and exploration, but when you plug in a controller the game changes to control like a much more modern experience.

Playing through the game as Stefan and Reny, you see two different perspectives on the world. Follow these two through the story as they trace their own unique paths to reach their goal. These two, and the rest of the game’s cast, are brought to life by a diverse cast of voice talents from across the globe.

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2for2 describes KAPIA’s look as a ‘reimagined living museum’, every environment is carefully crafted and combines mediaeval architecture with futuristic tech. ‘Intelligent robots walk the streets of manually carved stone, power banks light up antique lamps, and typewriters serve as input devices for powerful computers.’

When designing the puzzles, 2for2 says that ‘Logic and diversity was the key to our work on this most significant aspect of the game.’ Much like in a classic point-and-click adventure most of the puzzles involve finding and combining objects, but scattered in amongst these are conversational puzzles and a host of mini-games to add variety to the gameplay experience. If you’re as interested as we are in KAPIA then be sure to check out the store pages on Steam and GOG. And, for more information, please visit their website, Facebook page or Twitter.

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