Retro shooter Robo Legend Receives Demo

Indie studio Little Neuron has announced an all-new demo for Robo Legend on Steam. This pixel-art robotic twin-stick shooter/RPG lets you decide how your legend is written. Little Neuron was formed in 2021 on the east coast of the US, and Robo Legend is set to be their first title, and it looks like it’ll launch them far!

robo legend Video Game

In a town full of robots you play as Robo, and you get to decide the fate of gear town and its people. Make choices, explore the world, solve mini-games and battle hordes of enemies in this upcoming pixel-art twin-stick RPG. 

The game features seven main biomes, each featuring hidden areas full of secrets. You’ll swim through swamps, skate on ice and survive wastelands full of challenges. It’s up to you to save gear town and decide if you want to be the good guy or an evil machine. Will you side with the people of gear town or join voidbot and scheme against the town that trusts you.

You’ll find a multitude of gear and weapons in this world, from a basic blaster to guided missiles. Upgrade and improve yourself to become either a hero or a villain. There are ten potential endings and over 25 quests across the game, and what’s better, there’s even a fishing minigame.

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The demo is available right now on Steam! The full game is planned to release at the end of this year. To keep up with development of the game you can follow Little Neuron on Twitter.


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