Aquatico gets first gameplay

Upcoming underwater survival city builder and simulation game Aquatico has given us a first look at it’s gameplay this week, and a new video shows off some alpha gameplay full of features and some surprises. Overseer Games and Digital Reef have released this new video that shows off some fresh gameplay elements of this post-apocalyptic management game. Digital Reef Games is a brand new, small team located in Croatia, founded in 2020. Aquatico is their first game, and is being published by Overseer Games.

Aquatico Survival Game

The world of Aquatico challenges you to survive this uniquely dangerous environment, and the devs promise it’s touch, ‘but with proper planning, everything can be done’. The first alpha footage showcases gameplay elements such as vertical layered construction, the logistics of underwater infrastructure planning and expedition mechanics. These are just a couple of the pieces necessary to create a successful underwater city. The trailer also shows us how the game will utilise the very specific and unique environment it takes place in, and how it will allow players to think in a different way and force them to problem solve to navigate challenges, and maybe use them to their advantage. 

An official game description reads; ‘Aquatico is a survival city building game set on the ocean floor. In the not-too-distant future, the surface of the Earth became a barren wasteland, but groups of people refused to abandon hope. They embarked on a journey beneath the waves hoping to find a safe place and start anew. They find an amazing, surreal world full of danger and challenges, and strive to find the needed resources to build a thriving underwater city.’

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You can wishlist this exciting title now on Steam, and see more content to do with the game on their Youtube. To keep up with the game’s development you can follow their Twitter.

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