Are Game Grumps releasing a Horror Game?

Surprisingly, yes! Game Grumps announced this week over their social channels that they’re developing an all-new game that’s being published by Rouge Co. Homebody features designs from @JRGdrawing on Twitter, and seems to be being made entirely in house by the Game Grumps team and especially @JoryGriffis.

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Homebody is an upcoming Survival horror title 8n which a group of college friends have met up at a remote rental house to watch an upcoming meteor shower. Old emotional wounds are re-opened and the protagonist, Emily, is left alone… but this being a horror game, that’s just where it starts. The power goes off in the old house, and in the cover of darkness, a mysterious killer picks the group of friends off one-by-one. 


You must evade the killer, solve the puzzles scattered throughout the house, and eventually (maybe) reconnect with your old friends. Escape may seem impossible at first; ‘but with each attempt to put the pieces together, the bloodstained picture becomes more and more clear.’ This is a narrative-based survival horror with a story inspired by 80s slashers and gameplay inspired by classic survival horror. It features a responsive AI system and dialogue choices that affect the ending of the game. You must unlock secrets and piece together the mystery of this house using your journal.

Most popular news:

Homebody is the first game from the Game Grumps since the release of Dream Daddy in 2017. There is no solid release date yet, but you can wishlist the game on Steam now, and you can follow all of the relevant Twitter accounts to keep up to date with development and be the first to know when the release date is announced. Outside of that you can stay here on for all the latest Indie Game news.

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