4 Indie Games to Tee Off with for Golf Month

It’s golf month. So here are 4 indie golf games to play so you don’t waste your money buying a set of golf clubs that will spend the rest of your natural life gathering dust in yours or your parent’s garage. At this point you’re saving money really. 

Play Golf Club Indie Game this Golf Month
Image Credit: Untold Tales

Golf Club Wasteland

Demagog Studio’s post apocalyptic golfer is a quiet, sad affair, the premise of which seems depressingly closer to reality than ever before. Humanity has been wiped out and the ruins of planet earth have been converted into a golf course for the ultra rich. There’s a cleverly inserted narrative to unravel as you pick up and piece together clues as to how the apocalypse happened as you play through your 18 holes. Sports a fantastic soundtrack by Shane Berry & Igor Simic, available on Spotify and Bandcamp. 

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Play Golf Club Indie Game this Golf Month
Image Credit: Sidebar Games

Golf Story

Australia’s Sidebar Games did something unusual when they released Golf Story for the Nintendo Switch in 2017 – they successfully built an RPG around the premise of a round of golf. Plot isn’t what most people would expect from a sports game and players didn’t expect it either (despite the title) judging by the fact that one of the most popular questions on google relating to it is ‘Why is Golf Story so good?’ You play as a downbeat golfer looking to rekindle his love of the sport and through a series of minigames and 8 different areas each with 9 holes to play through, you attempt to find that spark again. Anyone who’s become bitter and cynical about an activity they used to enjoy beware, Golf Story could be an unexpected water hazard in the tear department. 

Play Golf Club Indie Game this Golf Month
Image Credit: Triband


What the golf indeed. Hailing from Denmark, Triband’s bonkers, invigoratingly silly indie has just enough golf DNA in it to justify using the name of the sport in the title, and that’s about it. Spread over 5oo absurd levels you’ll catapult office chairs, drive speeding cars and roll entire houses towards the hole to get round. Don’t forget the level with the sentient flag that dodges your attempts to slot one home. I know I can’t. 

Play Golf Club Indie Game this Golf Month
Image Credit: Team17

Golf With Your Friends

It kept a long distance relationship of mine fresh well passed its sell by date and keeps good friends a quick game away at all times. GWYF is the perfect example of the power of simplicity executed well. You use you mouse or controller to tap your ball around a series of colourful and occasionally fiendishly difficult courses (looking at you Pirate Cove, you bastard), taking turns with whoever you’ve convinced to join. Alongside some incredibly fun modifiers that change the shape of your ball on every hole, the ability to jump insanely high to clear obstacles that would otherwise frustrate you, there’s the holy grail in the form of a level editor. Want something simple to tap around for a few minutes to depressurise after work? You’ve got it. Want to create a hellish gauntlet of rage inducing challenges to reduce your pals’ handicap (and confidence) to ashes? Done. Simply put, Golf With Your Friends is the most fun I’ve ever had on a golf course, and that’s saying something. Or is it.

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